Thursday, September 25, 2014

Missionary Expo Next Week!!

Come visit the Missonary Momma booth at the Expo!  There will be fun and prizes!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shirts Shirts Shirts

Are you looking for some good stocking stuffers? 
Nate over at LDS Mission Tees has come up with some super fun designs sure to bring a smile!

If we collect orders for at least 50 shirts, the price each is $7.00.  The price per shirt goes down the larger the bulk order gets. 

The pricing for each quantity:
$4.50 - 2000+ shirts
$5 - 500+ shirts
$6 - 100+ shirts
$7 - 50+ shirts

The shirt sizes come in:
Youth xsmall to XL
Men's small to 3xl
Women's xsmall to 3xl
Tall shirts XLT to 3XLT
The men's and youth run true to size, women's run slightly smaller. All are preshrunk and 100% cotton.
Shirt colors are here:

The first 100 people who order a Stripling Warrior or Right, Just Choose It shirt can order Mission Specific shirts at 25%, or only $15 each.

Orders will be collected until November 1st.  They will be printed and delivered in plenty of time for Christmas. 

Send an email to
Facebook message Nate at

You will receive an invoice with your total directly from LDS Mission Tees prior to the order shipping.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Clay Creations by Michelle Lott

Sister Missionary Ornament
Aren't these ornaments adorable??  Missionary Momma Michelle Lott has an amazing talent I am so excited to share with all of you!
Wouldn't one of these look great on your Christmas tree?  How about as a fun gift for your missionary out in the field?   They are each hand made of polymer clay by the amazing Michelle.   

This is what Michelle has to say about her endeavors -
"I have been working with clay for about 25 years. It all started as a hobby in high school until I began working at a craft store and became addicted to this medium. I traveled around Virginia teaching classes and doing demonstrations to help pay for college.

When I began my family, I just wanted to stay home with my kids and my little hobby made it all possible. My studio is my kitchen and my staff are my four children and sometimes my reluctant, but supportive husband. My favorite part of my job is knowing that many of my creations will be hanging on other families trees, as keepsakes, for years to come.

I do this to help my kids with their missions. Elder Lott, serving in Kansas, is the first to serve, but I have three to go! In my spare time I like to work out and eat ice cream. Not always in that order. haha!"

Both sister and elder ornaments are in-stock and ready to ship.  They come in a variety of  hair style, hair color and skin tone combinations to resemble your missionary.  At only $15 each, they make a great gift for parents, grandparents, and one that loves a missionary. 

This LDS missionary is ready to serve. He is approximately 3 1/4 inches tall, made from polymer clay. Each ornament is sculpted by hand.

Place your order soon to guarantee arrival in time to decorate your Christmas tree!

How about these cute baptism ornaments?  They make a great gift for new converts!

LDS baptism girl ornament with picture of Christ
LDS baptism ornament with picture of Christ

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We are so excited to announce the GRAND OPENING of the brand new, Missionary Momma Mall!!

It has been almost exactly a year since this whole crazy Missionary Momma adventure began.  Wow, what a year it has been!  So much has come from that one bright little spark of an idea!  (Thank you Heidi for heeding that prompting, you're awesome!)  We have grown from a few like minded moms to over 6,000 strong!  It has been exciting to make so many new friends and get to share in your joys and sorrows.   We are all different, yet united in our love for missionaries.

There are so many talented moms out there.  You do AMAZING things!  The creativity and originality present in this group is impressive!  When one of us has a question, someone ALWAYS has an answer!  When someone needs help, there is a Missionary Momma (or 2 or 200) ready, willing and able.  I don't think there is anything that collectively, this group can't do!  Mommas, you ROCK!

We DO hard things!

One of those seemingly hard things for a good many of us, comes in the form of that $400 monthly check (or $800, or $1200 for those of you with multiple missionaries serving at the same time - Dang - you are impressive!!).  Finding an extra $400 in the monthly budget is no easy task.  Many moms who previously stayed at home have gone back to work. Some of us who have always worked are scratching our heads as to how we can make more and still have time for all the other commitments in our life.  Some have become entrepreneurs and are now selling a product or a service to help meet financial obligations.

We have created the Missionary Momma Mall to help those moms who have products to sell.  Many of these moms already have websites, Etsy stores, etc, and are working hard to find their niche in the market place.  We are an avenue that helps them reach out to our vast group, and showcase their creativity directly to their best audience - other Missionary Mommas! 

Are you one of those moms that has been blessed with a creative talent and need a place to sell your products?  Are you looking for a way to earn some money to help support your missionary?  If so, come be a vendor on Offering your products for sale on is simple and affordable. 

We would love to have your products offered in the mall!
Here is how it works:

1. You provide us with the list of products you want to offer in the online MissonaryMommaMall.  Include pricing, description, photos, size and color options.

2. We upload your items and take orders and payment on your behalf.

3.  As orders are received they will be emailed to you and payment will be sent to you via check or PayPal.

4. You ship the products ordered directly to the customer.

5. You have direct contact with the customer and you can contact them directly on this transaction and on any possible future transactions.

The fees involved are as follows:

1. $20 for the first 5 products advertised on the mall and $10 for each additional 5 products, per month.

2. The credit card processing service charges us 2.9% +.30 per transaction.  We simply pass this fee on to you and take no percentage of the sale. This amount will be deducted from each order prior to funds being sent to you. 

3. That's it!  Super Simple, Super Affordable!

We are still offering our original advertising plan with sidebar ads on the blog (, write ups on the Missionary Mommas Recommend blog, prizes for the weekly drawings, ads on the public FB page, etc.  Contact us for more information and we will put together a package for you.  For more information email us at or send a PM on FaceBook to Wendy Minks.

Go take a look at and let us know what you think!