Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tract bag and WHITE bag Arrive

Zion Bags is extremely proud to introduce two brand new products that will be a great addition for every missionary either leaving on a mission or currently in the mission field. The Tract bag also is a great product designed for just about everyone and great for the LDS lifestyle, for church, work or school.

Introducing the new Tract bag…

We heard you! Since introducing our line of full sized missionary bags a year ago Zion Bags has had requests to use our unique skill sets and design approach to create a smaller, leaner bag.
Introducing the Tract bag, a unisex sling messenger bag that is the perfect everyday pack for everyone but was designed specifically with tracting and missionary work in mind for those situations where a full sized bag isn’t necessary or convenient. It’s built with the same rugged construction, durable materials and attention to detail that have established Zion Bags as the leader in missionary bags.
And there has been no compromise on features in the Tract bag! The Tract bag sports a stylish, fashion forward look with its classic grey herringbone 600D exterior and sleek, ergonomic vertical profile. Shatter resistant Duraflex surface mounted buckles and durable YKK zippers and are appointed throughout this bag.
Whether worn over the shoulder employing its soft shoulder strap and comfortable shoulder pad, cinched up tight to your back with its cushioned, breathable back panel or carried to meetings with its padded top handle the Tract will make you look and feel comfortable and professional in any situation and setting.
And when the environment calls for it there is even a custom fitted, detachable rain cover which stows in a dedicated pocket so you are always ready to protect your materials and technology.
The Tract has all the pockets and features you need inside and out. Internally there are padded, fleece lined pockets for an iPad and cell phone, an organization panel for writing implements and accessories and an extra-large compartment for bulky items. Externally the Tract has quick access panels and pockets for materials, a planner, books and even a mesh water bottle pocket. Reflective piping, a bicycle light loop and detachable key fob are included to help provide additional levels of safety.
The Tract Bag is ideally suited for international travel and missions, particularly in Latin America, Asia and Africa, because of its subtle styling and light carry but is equally qualified to serve the domestic and European missionary with its portability and convenience.
In short, the Tract is the perfect bag designed for you!
Tract On!

Introducing the new WHITE bag…

What’s in a name? When it’s the WHITE bag the name says it all! It’s the perfect name for the perfectly simple product!
Ask any returned or actively serving missionary what they use (or used) to carry their baptismal whites in and, when they’ve served their purpose and are wet, what they carry them back to their apartment in and they will all tell you the same thing…in a plastic grocery, or worse, in a trash bag. Not the most appropriate conveyance for articles used in a sacred ordinance!
Well, Zion Bags took a look at this problem and, being totally dedicated as a company to providing “solutions that serve” missionaries and the LDS lifestyle, we began the process and created our newest, most innovative product yet.
We are proud to introduce the WHITE bag!
The WHITE bag, as the name would suggest, is a special purpose bag made entirely of white materials including a pure white poly exterior and coated interior so as to be waterproof and not leak when wet items are placed inside. There is also an additional, totally separate, zippered pocket on the front panel.
The WHITE bag is a sack bag with a drawstring top with its cinch cords doubling as shoulder straps allowing the bag to be worn on the back. Once emptied the bag can be pulled inside/out allowing it to air dry.
The name WHITE bag also speaks to the intended contents and purpose of the bag and is intentionally understated in its simple design and aesthetic so as not to stand out in a sacred setting. We have included several subtle gold tone accents to serve as a reminder that this bag is special.
While the initial purpose of the WHITE bag is for missionaries, it is equally suited for use by youth participating in temple baptisms and as a temple bag for adults. Also makes a great gift for new converts as they begin their journey in the church that will point them back to the temple many times throughout their lives.
The WHITE bag…..a simply perfect solution!
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