Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two Tie Guys


TwoTieGuys.com is your source for luxury ties. Each tie is hand-picked from suppliers overseas. The selection process involves a sense of fashion, quality, and variety to accommodate an overall luxury style. From color, to pattern, to shape, you can find a tie for any occasion.

Two Tie Guys continues to build an inventory of quality ties so give yourself a membership to luxury by shopping online with TwoTieGuys.com or at MissionaryMommaMall.com.







Thursday, January 8, 2015

Seeing Words Everyday Influences Us

The Munger family is a missionary minded family!  Becky Munger of VinylCrafts is the mother of nine children (six boys, three girls).  Her oldest (son) just returned from serving a mission to Brazil in December 2014.  Her second son (third child) is currently serving in the Washington Vancouver Mission and her oldest daughter (who is their second child) will be submitting her mission papers next week! 

Both Becky and her husband are returned missionaries.  He served in Japan and she served in the Philippines.

Together, they own and operate VinylCrafts, where they handcraft decorative wooden signs and home décor.  Come take a look!

Perfect welcome home gift for any missionary. 
Customized with meaningful names and words from their mission experience.

Seeing words everyday influences us                            
I love words. I have always been a talker and words have always come easily for me. I love reading inspiring words and meaningful words. And I love home decor. I love how amazing it is to be able to move things around and give a new feel to a room. Or how magical it seems to transition from summer to fall just by adding new decor and lighting wonderful smelling candles. How it seems officially Christmas when all the decor adorns the walls, tables, and doors of your home. And so it became a natural marriage between the words I love and the decor I love when I decided to start my own business. When I first started, I thought I would just do vinyl decals . . . but one day I found myself having to remove a vinyl decal because I decided to redecorate a room. And then I found myself peeling off Christmas words and sayings after the holidays were over. So I knew I needed a way to put these words onto something that would be more mobile, more permanent. So I began designing wooden signs. Signs that are meaningful and significant. Signs that make us laugh or remind us of our wedding day. Signs that remind us of family rules and family moments. We started with just vinyl on our signs and now we offer both "all paint" signs that have a vintage and distressed look and painted signs with vinyl lettering that give a more "clean, crisp" look to the piece. We offer signs that are keyholed in the back so it hangs flush to the wall or signs that are boxed out to give the piece a canvas like look. We offer large signs and small signs . . . pretty much any sign you need.

Many of our signs are made from high quality mdf. The mdf we use is an Eco-Certified Composite and is certified as meeting the sourcing requirements for the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. We also use pine and high grade maple plywood in our signs, depending on the treatment needed to achieve the finish requested by our customers. Each sign is handmade by us from the design to the finished product.

I started this business because I love design and I love home decor. Thanks to our fantastic customers and some amazing opportunities . . . it has grown to become a wonderful and thriving full time family business. Beyond those opportunities, I have felt blessed to make signs that have had immense significance to my customers. Signs that reflect songs sang to babies, moments that led to marriages, memories with best friends, and words that describe years of family commitment. Because words mean things. And when we encase those words in the medium of wood and paint . . . we have home decor that starts conversations.

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Monday, January 5, 2015


Welcome to Heartstrings of Life!

Heartstrings - Noun - your deepest feelings of love and compassion.  A nerve once believed to sustain the heart. To me it is all my children.

Let me introduce the founder of Heartstrings of Life, Cyndi Gibson.

Along Cyndi's path of birth, adoptive and foster mothering she dreamed of combining her love of children with her creative talents.  She has a great passion for sewing, knitting, crocheting and embroidering.  Her creative mind and talented hands have taken form in the unique, personalized products offered by Heartstrings of Life.  In the words of Cyndi, "May this tug at your heartstrings as it does mine."


This luxurious towel set is designed with the needs of missionaries in mind.  With their personalized information beautifully embroidered on all pieces they are sure to stay
with them throughout their mission and be a keepsake for years after their service is over.




Come see her large selection of unique designs, gifts and personalized items on her Etsy Store.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

For the Love of Snails

Missionaries love getting mail, and Haley has made it easy to send them something a cut above the usual. 

Check out all the super cute stuff she has created to bright up your missionary's mail box.

 The Snail's Mail!!!


For the Love of the Snails                            

My love for "snail mail" started about three years ago while my (now) husband was in Italy for 2 years. During this time, we were in the dreaded long distance relationship. He left when I was 18 to serve a mission for our church. I know that this time away was a crucial part of our relationship. I missed him, of course, but knowing that we would marry when he returned kept me sane (well...as sane as it gets).

I know, I know. Married at 20 years old? We must be crazy, right?! Let me tell you how we met. :) At the ripe age of 11, my parents moved my family from Las Vegas, Nevada to teeny, tiny Idaho Falls (of 60,000 people. Yeah, get a grip, Haley.). I remember driving through the town when we first moved there and passing the zoo. The camels were out near the road so the drivers could view them. These camels were the oldest, ugliest things I had ever seen, and their lumps looked like they were falling off their backs. I couldn't help thinking, "Where in the world have my parents taken us?!" I swore I'd die before I ever liked this town.

That was before I walked the halls of Sandcreek Middle School and met Chris. He had longish hair that kinda flipped out at the ends, and a really cute freckly nose. But let's get real, I was 11. It was a total crush. But a crush that never really ended.

Fast forward 10 years. I'm now 21, happily married to my middle school sweetheart for one year, and we've got 3 little pets. Our "babies" we like to call them. :)

During his mission, Chris wrote me a letter every week. A real, live, handwritten letter. With like...paper and a pen. We could email as well, and we did, but he could only email once a week too. So the rest of the time he would write letters.

Boy, did I love my mailbox more than I had ever loved it in my life.

I want my customers to be able to share that same feeling with someone they love and care about. The products that I sell here at The Snail's Mail are to help promote using a little more ink (pen ink, that is), and a little less technology when communicating with those that we associate with.

When is the last time you talked via snail mail? It's so much fun! And I know that your recipient will greatly appreciate the gesture.

Let's use a little more of our pens, and let these snails get some exercise.


Click here to order your Snail Mail set today!!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Simply Kiki's - Whimsical Custom Jewelry

We are so excited to welcome
Simply Kiki's, owned by Missionary Momma Krista Morgan,


She hand makes the cutest necklaces, bracelets and key chains.  The possibilities are endless!  She can customize any of her pieces with a photo, flag, map, hand written message, artwork, whatever you can imagine!  The best part - they are so affordable!  (Prices start at only $5.95!!!)
For those of us with a little less imagination, she has put her own creativity to work and come up with some really great designs.  There are 15 different CTR designs, and 15 different "I am  Child of God" images.  Click on over to the MMMall to see all the lovely choices!


After years of providing daycare in her home,  in 2014 Krista decided to embark on a new adventure.  With her youngest now in school (and oldest on a mission), she wanted a business she could run from her home that was flexible, and FUN!!

Of her new venture, Krista had this to say, "The thought of creating special gifts for others was appealing, kind of like a birthday and Christmas everyday!  Life is always full of so much, well, LIFE!  I wanted to create jewelry that could capture all of that. With these pendants it's limitless, fun pictures that fit each unique personality, inspirational quotes, images to celebrate a holiday, cheer on your team, honor your missionary and so much more.  Being on a tight budget it was important to me to offer a durable, great quality item that would fit in all budgets.  The pricing of these allows you to have a special one created or collect many to wear on all sorts of different occasions."


 Krista is a RM and a MM! She said, "My missionary is our oldest, of 7 kids.  She's currently serving in Starkville Mississippi within the Alabama Birmingham mission.  Her service is almost complete and will be home on March 5th of this year! (WooHoo, I can actually say...THIS YEAR!) I served in the Paraguay Asuncion Mission and my husband served in the California San Diego mission.  We feel so blessed that our amazing daughter made the decision to sacrifice 18 months in service of others."
The above photo is of Krista (aka Hermana Fish) when she was serving in the Paraguay Asuncion Mission back in the day.  The bottom photo is of her with her family today.

Krista has a real passion for what she does and it shows!  She said, "One of the funnest things about making these pendants is getting a glimpse inside other peoples lives, their celebrations, their sorrows, and their loves, hobbies and quirkiness.  I love seeing where people's missionaries are serving, the pictures their cute little ones have drawn and images of the amazing miissionaries their moms are wearing close to their hearts..  They've also been used on wedding bouquets, (a picture of a missing loved one or pictures honoring their own parents love and devotion). A recent one I made was for a new mom, it had a baby footprint in the color of the November birthstone along with her precious little one's name.  Another great use is for business logos.  Our Orthodontist has had some made as gifts for the moms and teens that come get braces on.  My sister is a manager of a trampoline park and she loves wearing her custom made pendant with their logo, another great way to advertise a business."