Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Railtek Belts Rock!

Elders everywhere are asking for this belt!  This is the one they are all talking about, that adjusts easily with your growing or shrinking waist while serving a mission.  There are NO HOLES in this belt and it looks great even after you make the necessary adjustments for and expanding or contracting midsection! 

By popular demand these innovative, sturdy, and fashionable belts are now available on the Missionary Momma Mal!! 

Here is the story of Railtek Belts as told by the owner and founder, Justin:

The Story
Railtek Belts started off as most companies do…someone runs across an unfamiliar concept and likes it so much that they want everybody else to enjoy it too. That is exactly how we started. My name is Justin and this is my story.
During 2005-2007, I lived overseas in an East European country while serving as a representative for my church. We were out and about nearly every day talking to people, so dressing up and looking presentable was a must. As time went by, I realized that there wasn’t much variation in my fashion. Ties, belts, watches and shoes seemed as if they were the only option to express some sense of style. One day as I was browsing through an outdoor market, I ran across an interesting belt. But was it a belt? There were no holes so how did it keep your pants up? Investigating further, I discovered the most intriguing buckle system that worked with a rail on the back of the belt. I had never seen this before! It only took a few seconds until I was sold and moments later I was the proud owner of this new-way to hold up my britches. Over the course of the next week, I realized that not only was this new belt very stylish but it may just be the solution to my fluctuating weight! I was no longer restricted to the daunting gap between holes of traditional belts; I could adjust 1/4 of an inch at a time in either direction…Amazing!
As my time in Eastern Europe came to a close, I purchased a couple of belts to bring back with me. From then until the fall of 2012, I wore those belts almost every day. Many times I thought, “How cool would it be to sell this. People would love them!” Well, this thought got the best of me and I started to develop a business plan to introduce the American people to my favorite belt. What would I call it? Railtek Belts.
I encourage anyone who reads this to try a Railtek Belt. It has been a favorite belt for me and it will certainly be a favorite belt for you.
Justin H