Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mormon Mom Planners

We just LOVE these planners!  They are absolutely perfect to keep a busy LDS mom organized and motivated.  If you are motivated by cute (hmmm - Heidi Chapman), then these planners are your dream come true!!

FHE, VT, Home & Family

Here is what Melinda has to say about how her fabulous dream became a reality:
I am a mother of 6 young children ranging from age 12 down to 4 months.  I enjoy being a mother and wife.  It can be very challenging trying to keep up with 7 people and their different needs and also all of the responsibilities that go along with being a member of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  
I heard a talk given by Julie B. Beck talking about deliberate parenting and also about being "Mothers who know", like the mothers of the 2000 stripling warriors.  I believe this planner can help us reach that  goal by helping us to be more deliberate and in the know of what is happening in our own families and encouraging us to study out and seek things of a better in small and simple way.
I designed this planner with the LDS mother in mind (mostly myself) and all of the things I would like to stay on top and be deliberate in as a mother. This planner is unique because it has sections for Visiting Teaching, Teaching your children, Family Focus Section,  Family Mission Statement, The Family Proclamation and FHE Planners.  Many scripture references using all of the standard works and misc. quotes from church leaders.   I've included many blank boxes and sections to customize it to your own liking.  The boxes are small and not meant to cause pain in trying to do or say too much.  Often times it's the little things that we write down that we can focus on a little at a time to help us achieve our purposes and our desires.  I left out housework planning sheets because, while I think it's important to keep house, I didn't want it to crowd out what I felt were the essential things we as mothers need to focus on.  Besides, there is plenty of space you can jot down your chores in the weekly calendars.