Friday, April 3, 2015

Who's Counting?

Are you looking for a way to remember your missionary and think of them each day that they serve? Do you want to track their progress?  Do you want to keep track of their companions and areas?  Do you want to involve your children in a fun way? 

If so, then a personalized missionary Countdown Map is the perfect thing for your family!  With Countdown Maps, it’s easy to follow your missionary from the time they enter the MTC until they start their journey home. Your family will love marking each transfer and keeping track of companionship changes. It is a great way for parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and friends to feel more connected and involved with your missionary. When completed it becomes a great memento for the rest of their life.

Each CountDown Map is personalized with your missionaries name, photo and favorite scripture along with a flag and map of country or state where they are serving. The map is in the shape of the state or country where they are called and is divided into the number of days your missionary will serve.

How did Countdown Maps come to be?  When my first son went on his mission to the Dominican Republic, we wanted to find a way to think of him each day and we also wanted to keep all of his

younger brothers and sister involved as well.  I had seen other countdown charts, but wanted something more personal. So I created an image in the shape of the Dominican Republic and divided it into 730 boxes – one for each day while he was gone.  We posted this on the wall near the kitchen table and every day after morning prayer we would mark of the day.  In fact, the person who said the prayer got to mark for that day.  We had so much fun marking it off and noting his areas and companions that we wanted to also do it for our other children.  We also had requests from other people to make one for them when their missionaries left, and that is where this idea was born. 
We founded the company in 2012 and have seen an increasing desire from other people who are also looking for a fun way to remember and track their missionary along the way.  The maps we sell today are much more professional and personalized.  Each map has not only the grid, but a map key to help you know where you should be (in case you get off). It also has their name, picture, mission, flags, and a favorite scripture or quote. We create them for Elders, Sisters, and couples.
Currently we have two sons serving missions – one in Montana and one in Texas.  We have their maps proudly displayed on our kitchen wall and we mark the days as we keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

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